The way health care is
paid for is changing.

Is your practice ready?

Value Based Care and Clinically Integrated Networks

Healthcare reimbursement is shifting from fee-for-service to new models that reward better outcomes and high-quality care.

Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) are legal entitites that are comprised of a select network of providers from across the care continuum working closely together to deliver evideince-based care, improve quality, efficency, and coordination of care, all while demonstrating value to the market.

CINs enter value-based care and other new payment models with payers on behalf of their participants and, in some cases, provide their participants with centralized services, tools, and analytic insights they need to improve quality, utilization and patient outcomes.

CINs offer many benefits to participants including optimized interconnectedness between healthcare providers across the continuum and the potential for shared savings revenue.